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A CONSULTATION is a great way to move forward in defining and implementing your vision of what you want for your home. There are many ways I can help you through this process, such as:


 FINDING YOUR STYLE . This can be over-whelming with the many different styles the world has to offer. Making it difficult to commit and decide which direction your style should go. I can help you define your look so you can move forward with your projects. 


SHOPPING can be a chore for some and pure therepy for others, but you may not have the time or perhaps you have no clue where to start. Whether in person or online, I can help source items for your home. I can help direct you to craftsmen, sewing rooms, upholstery centers or I can manage all of your projects for you, providing a seamless, easy decorating transistion for you and your home. 


USING WHAT YOU HAVE, whether it is for one room or your entire house, I can help you decide ‘what to paint’ and ‘what to pitch’ and what to think about buying when you are ready.


PRIORITIES. I love helping clients prioritize a room or entire house by talking through what items to do, when, and in what order so we keep you on task and your project gets FINISHED!


POLISHING YOUR CURRENT LOOK.  It is possible you too have a love for interior decorating and have worked a lot on your home, but you need an objective eye to help put the finishing touches on your project. I can help give you the feedback you need to complete your decorating and make your home complete.. 









Simply CONTACT ME if you are interested in a consultation.

You can use the form provided at the "Contact" page








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